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Acupuncture is the healing art of placing hair-thinned  needles at chosen points in the body to re-establish the smooth flow of Qi (our life force), as our bodies are designed to flow rhythmically and unimpeded to function optimally. I like to remind my clients that their bodies are super intelligent in the cellular capacity to heal themselves. When a needle contacts the skin, it sparks communication with the fascial connective tissue network beneath the skin, and conversation begins. The body communicates by releasing endorphins and enkephalins; our body's natural painkillers and "feel good" hormones to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation to support damaged tissues. There's communication happening in the circulatory system where cortisol, the manic stress hormone that keeps us wired is lowered and we experience emotional surrender and ease. Because Acupuncture is able to initiate and access this incredible communication on a cellular, hormonal and neurological level, it's a highly safe, effective and natural approach to treating common and unique disorders. And of course, a very effective practice for preserving health.  

Initial session II $180

 Follow-up session II $150


What a session looks like

An Acupuncture session with me begins with a conversation about the reason you're seeking healing, your thorough medical and social health history, your healing goals and your commitment. A complete medical assessment follows which could include an orthopedic assessment, body palpation, and a tongue and pulse inspection. I typically combine the needle therapy with electrical stimulation, cupping, Guasha and body work if deemed necessary. Electrical stimulation uses electricity to constantly but gently stimulate the needles that are placed in the muscle bellies needing activation and re-training. Cupping is the use of glass or plastic cups that pull the skin into suction when applied. Practitioners often employ this method to loosen up tight muscles bands and to promote circulation of blood to the area. Guasha is vigorous scraping on the skin with any tool that has a smooth and narrow edge to break up muscular adhesions or knots, promote circulation and bring toxins to the surface.

The session ends with lifestyle, nutritional and meditation or breath work homework if deemed necessary. Also, we discuss a prognosis and treatment plan for your health goals.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is intended to improve the circulation of blood to injured tissues, lengthen overly constricted muscle fibers, break up muscular adhesions, relax and restore balance to the myofascial connective tissue. This makes massage therapy restorative to the musculoskeletal structure and function, and therapeutic and soothing to the nervous system. My body work approach is intended to restore muscular imbalances that cause acute and chronic pain; the treatments are therapeutic but focused.

Restorative Massage 70 mins II $150

Combined Acupuncture & MT 90 II $270

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