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Re-awake your body's ability to heal itself with Traditional East Asian Medicine 

Our Story

Ancestral Traditions is the love (passion) project of Iyanna Betaudier, a New York City-based practitioner of Traditional Chinese and Asian Medicine: the project was sprung from her intrinsic understanding of the necessity of exercise, purpose and intention in realizing one’s goals. As a result, Iyanna felt compelled to observe and explore the ancestral spirituality and restorative customs of the ancient Chinese and East Asians. That exploration was the genesis of her sojourn as both healer and a receptor of healing. Serendipitously, Ancestral Traditions pays homage to her Afro-Caribbean lineage of healers. Iyanna’s great-grandfathers were self-taught master healers, body workers and herbalists. Growing up in Trinidad, Iyanna loved hearing her great-grandfather's retelling of stories about their dynamic healing experiences and the spirit of community which imbued their work. She was perennially captivated by the respect and reverence her elders paid to the trees and plants they used for medicine. This devotion prompted Iyanna to realize and conceptualize their profound attachment to the earth's natural and cyclical rhythms, and how it informed their work. This fascinating legacy has informed Iyanna’s practice-her work is a testament and an unequivocal honor to her beloved ascendants.

Healing in modern times

We're witnessing a return to ancient systems of healing because people are acknowledging the connection between the physical and emotional body, and the natural environment. Traditional Asian Medicine utilizes 5 pillars of healing: Nutritional therapy, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Tui na (body work), and Qi gong( Exercises with breath work). These 5 pillars are routinely part of my treatments when deemed necessary. I help individuals balance hormones that influence reproductive issues like Endometriosis, PCOS,Uterine Fibroids, Infertility, Irregular and, Painful menstrual cycles. I also support women and birthing individuals during Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum recovery. And of course, what Acupuncture is notoriously known for, pain management. Please reach out for a consultation or head to my appointment tab to schedule your session!

What Patients Say

"Iyanna is a professional magician of the needle! As fearful as I am of needles, Acupuncture with her is painless and restorative. I came to her battered and in pain from my neck, my knees, my ankles and my stress- a mess and a challenge! She took my poor tired anguished self and presto! On pressure points she released so much of my joint pain and tension- I am grateful for her knowledge, her elegance and grace in her treatment of me. She is a genius."

Margie M.
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